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Covid-19 Reopening Procedures

Covid-19 has presented many challenges world wide and reopening my massage clinic has also been impacted.  Many changes have been made in order to follow Public Health Ontario and Ontario College of Massage Therapists directives in order to protect my clients, myself and my family. I know that change is not always easy but I do hope that you will be able to have some flexibility.

The following are some of the changes that have been put in place. 


Clinic Hours
Mon & Wed: 8:30am - 5:15pm
​​Tues & Thurs: 8:30am - 6:45pm
Fri-Sat by Appointment Only 

Fee Schedule

At this time I have elected to not make any adjustments to my fee schedule.  We have all been impacted economically by the pandemic and although I am incurring additional costs to operate, I am trying to do my part in helping us all get back to a new normal.  I will re-assess over the coming months and I will do my best to advise of any changes to fees early in advance.

Clinic Management System & Appointment Scheduling

I have moved to a new clinic management system that will better accommodate client communication, scheduling and reminder notification.  


All clients, existing and new will initially receive an email which will request that you complete a client intake health history form.  Please do this ahead of your next appointment to prevent any delays during appointment and shortened treatment time. 

Important: All scheduling related emails coming from the clinic will be sent from  If you do not receive emails please check junk or spam folders for these emails and whitelist the address for future use.  


In general there will be more emails as every appointment will have reminder notifications, required Covid-19 screening confirmations and invoices will also now be emailed to your email on file.  

Appointment Booking & Notifications

Due to required disinfection protocols as well as physical distancing requirements there is now 15 mins between appointment times so all previous appointment times are no longer valid and new appointments are being created. 

When a new appointment is scheduled you will receive a email confirming this appointment. If the appointment is well into the future you will receive a reminder 1 week ahead of time and then another 1 day prior.  In the reminder email the day prior there will also be a link for you to confirm your attendance as well as to complete a required Covid-19 screening consent prior to coming into the clinic so please complete ahead of time. 

Just Before Your Appointment

If you are feeling unwell prior to your appointment please do not come and contact me to advise you will not be coming.

In some cases appointment times have been offered to friends or family members who might need the appointment more than the scheduled client.  I will require 24 hours notice to make these kinds of switches moving forward so that appropriate Covid-19 screening can be completed.

When Coming to Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment time please wait in your car and call or text me to let me know you are here.  At that time I will review symptoms with you while you are still in your car to confirm you are not experiencing any and are able to attend your appointment. 

Please Call or Text 519-537-0789   

During Your Appointment

When entering the clinic you will be asked to sanitize or wash your hands as soon as you are inside. I will take your temperature to have on record.

The clinic floors are hard surfaced so clients will be required to wear some form of footwear while walking in the clinic. Shoes, sandals, socks or slippers are all acceptable. These can be removed once you are sitting/laying on the table. 

I will be wearing required protective equipment including a mask for the entire duration of your visit. 

Clients are now also required to where a face covering / mask for the duration of your visit. This means a face covering / mask must be worn, as you come into the clinic, during the treatment time on the table and until you have left the clinic.

After Treatment

When leaving the clinic we will complete your appointment as normal, payment for treatment & re-booking. 

Invoices will no longer be printed but will instead be emailed to your email on file. 

I know there are many changes, but rest assured our time together and the treatment you will receive will be the same you have come to expect over the years.

Thanks for your patience as we all work through new normal's.


COVID-19 Patient Guidance
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