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Prenatal Massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience.


Before the Birth

Is a time to relax, take care of yourself. By increasing your body awareness you are better able to take care of yourself and reduce anxiety. Massage teaches you the sensory awareness of how to relax the muscles in the leg, pelvis, back and buttocks so there is less unnecessary resistance before and during delivery. When you feel better physically and mentally your stress level is reduced. When you allow yourself to be nurtured you learn new ways to nurture your baby.


During the Labour

Giving birth is often a long and arduous process. The constant tensing of muscles leaves a mother exhausted and adds to stress. Certain massage techniques can reduce your discomfort and provide a revitalizing respite, relaxing you between contractions so you can gather strength for the next round. Learning a few simple techniques can be an excellent way for your partner to be involved in the birth process.


After the Birth

Postpartum massage is designed to help in restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy condition and to address the stress of carrying and caring for a newborn.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage.


Touch is vital to the mother's psychological and physiological well being as she adapts to her new body image. Massage gives special attention to the mother-to-be, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. Bodywork during pregnancy helps to:


  • provide emotional support and nurturing touch

  • provide relaxation

  • relieve stress on weight bearing joints 

  • (low back, pelvis, hips, ankles)

  • alleviate neck and back pains caused by muscle imbalance and weakness

  • assist in maintaining proper posture

  • reduces swelling

  • help prepare the birthing muscles for release and support during childbirth

  • relieve stress, both physical and emotional, thereby helping to regulate your body's natural immune system.

The Childbearing Year.


Having a child can be one of a woman's most glorious experiences. Pregnancy is also a time of major changes both physically and emotionally.


Prenatal massage therapy can ease many of the discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, sciatic pain, sore feet, swelling (edema), neck and shoulder stiffness, fatigue and stress.


During pregnancy, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons loosen and soften. This causes extra stress on the weight bearing joints, such as hips, pelvis and ankles. Prenatal massage is a particularly appropriate form of treatment during this time.


Prenatal massage will assist in alleviating stress in the weight bearing joints and realign posture and body mechanics.

Massage can be received in all stages of pregnancy, prenatal, labour and delivery, post Cesarean recovery and postpartum.


Ask Your Doctor!

Massage during pregnancy is quite safe; however, your massage therapist will want to know if you are having any problems or complications with your pregnancy. If you are then your therapist will request approval from your primary health care provider before proceeding with any body work.


Massage therapy is recommended by medical physicians, obstetricians, midwives, osteopaths, psychologists, orthopedic surgeons and other related professionals.

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