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Infant Massage

Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching, nurturing contact between a caregiver and an infant has a positive effect on the baby's future development. Infant massage is an easy and pleasant way of providing this early interaction.

University of Miami Medical Center studies have shown that premature babies who were massaged every day, developed more rapidly, both physically and neurologically.


Many newborn nurseries are now adopting infant massage as part of their parent education programs, to promote well-being and the loving bonds between parents and their babies.


Benefits of Infant Massage.

  • Enhances loving communication and nurturing parenting skills between caregiver and baby

  • Helps strengthen and regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems

  • Helps parents to understand and respond to baby's non-verbal cues

  • Relieves gas and colic symptoms

  • Teaches babies to be aware of, and how to release, their bodies' tensions


Massage therapy is recommended by medical physicians, obstetricians, midwives, osteopaths, psychologists, orthopedic surgeons and other related professionals.

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